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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Where Are The Liberals?

Obama is a busy man
he has a tough job
deliver the globe
to corporate capital
and keep the folks
back home
and his 'liberal' base
under control

So far
not much trouble
the liberals
in spite of
climate change
student debt
mounting despair
endless wars

Had a call today
someone wondering
what can we do?
What is the answer?

My response
we've got
a weak
peace movement
people are intimidated
by fear of
and the moments
are slipping by fast

Many activists
getting older
don't want to drive
all over Maine
many young people
raising kids
growing veggies
trying to create
an alternative
but the moments
are slipping by fast

Of course we need
a holy alliance
to protect the
mother satellite
and all her
wayward children

But sadly
there are intervening
factors like
'NGO kingdoms'
fear of losing
if people
come together
fear of being
called a 'radical'
fear it won't work
fear of even
about it all

One thing
I've noticed
there are
not so many
political cartoons
about Obama.
Reagan and Bush (I & II)
had many more.

the humor
seems lost
on many liberals
when a Democrat
is in the
White House


Anonymous Rodney Herold said...

Bruce, your post suggested to me the analogy of "shock." We who are letting in and feeling that the "moments are slipping by" are (automatically and understandably) experiencing shock. Medical treatment for shock is dealing with the inadequate supply of blood, especially to the BRAIN and the HEART by: applying pressure to the site of injury (protest!), providing oxygen(the power of breath!), easing pain (humor and story telling both work!), and giving emotional support (that's what the medics actually say!) Thank you for doing all of the above!!

3/24/15, 4:39 PM  

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