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Monday, March 23, 2015

Swept Away.....

  • Dr. Christof Lehmann, founder & editor of nsnbc writes:  
"The peace process [in Ukraine] is being complicated due to disagreements within NATO. While an US/UK led faction is pushing for a belligerent policy towards Moscow, a French – German led faction is advocating for peaceful relations with Russia and greater integration of the EEU and EU. As long as this NATO-internal dispute hasn’t been settled it is probable that Ukrainian citizens on all sides will continue to bear the brunt of the geopolitical chess game."

  • Today I got the link to an interview I did last week for PressTV in Iran.  It was about Ukraine and Russia.  In part I said, "European businesses are suffering from the sanctions on Russia and they’re putting a lot of pressure on their governments to end this American war against Russia and Ukraine... The US wants to split Europe away from Russia, further isolating Russia. They want to stop Russian natural gas shipments into Europe… and they want to replace this with US fracked gas." 
  •  People had lots of good things to say about our weekend protest at the destroyer shipyard here in Bath.  Our message about building rail, wind, solar, and tidal systems at BIW is spreading and many more people are talking about it.  The politicians run from us here in Maine if we mention such things.  So the pressure to 'go along' keeps many of the public in line and quiet - they do what they are told - even if it is like swallowing some awful medicine.  But now and then we reach a tipping point and it's starting to smell like we are heading for the down-stretch.  Something is going to break - one way or the other - real soon.  And when things break the public will be frantically looking around for ideas, action plans and a certain 'political line'.  Folks with good hearts and good sense better create the political and social organizational infrastructure now because soon enough we are going to need it.  Don't want to get swept away in the tide.


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