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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hummers to Ukraine

US unloading hummers in Ukraine to help the Kiev regime better wage war on Russia's border.  Overall 230 of them will be shipped to Ukraine along with loads of other weapons systems.

Who does this benefit?  Of course first on the list is the military industrial complex that is witnessing an endless flow of American tax dollars into the weapons industry bank accounts.  Secondly it benefits the fossil fuel extraction corporations that want control of Russia's natural gas (largest supply on Earth) and can only get it if there is 'regime change' in Moscow.  Destabilizing Russia's border leads to the opportunity for destabilization inside of Russia.... a color revolution inside of Russia.

The US wants another fool like Boris Yeltsin to be running Russia who will hand over the nation's  assets to western banksters, agri-business interests like Monsanto (Russia has outlawed GMO's), and the US-British cabal of oil majors.

The fact that Russia can fight back (usually the US only likes to attack those that can't realistically defend themselves - Granada, Nicaragua, Haiti, Panama, Libya, Yemen, etc) seems not to bother the corporate oligarchy now in control of things in Washington.  They are blinded by their greed and appear quite ready to plunge the planet into a deadly World War III.


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