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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Friedman: "U.S. Stages Color Revolutions"

George Friedman, Founder and CEO of Stratfor the ‘Shadow CIA’ firm, talks about US foreign policy aims and strategies.  Friedman says that Germany is the wildcard in the Ukraine civil war.

Stratfor bills itself as a geopolitical intelligence and consulting firm, with revenues derived from subscriptions to its website and from corporate clients. On the consulting side, the company says it helps clients to identify opportunities, make strategic decisions, and manage political and security risks. 

Stratfor is headquartered in Texas. Stratfor consults more than 4,000 companies, individuals and governments around the world. Among the clients of Stratfor are such organizations as Bank of America, the US State Department, Apple, Microsoft and Lockheed Martin, Monsanto, Cisco and other large commercial firms and organizations.

You can listen to the entire speech by Friedman in Chicago here

You can see more on Friedman here


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