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Monday, December 02, 2013


Drones to deliver for Amazon and for take-out pizza.  Who knows what comes next.  Maybe drones to deliver groceries too?

Bottom line is that before long hardly anyone will have a job anymore....who will have any money to order anything from Amazon or any other business?

The Guardian (UK) takes this story apart.  Here are a few excerpts:

Here's the problem: it's all hot air and baloney. As Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO, acknowledged in the 60 Minutes segment, his plan to begin delivery by drone won't be enacted until around 2018 – and that's a hugely optimistic timeline.

Bezos' neat trick has knocked several real stories about Amazon out of the way. Last week's Panorama investigation into Amazon's working and hiring practices, suggesting that the site's employees had an increased risk of mental illness, is the latest in a long line of pieces about the company's working conditions – zero-hour contracts, short breaks, and employees' every move tracked by internal systems. Amazon's drone debacle also moved discussion of its tax bill – another long-running controversy, sparked by the Guardian's revelation last year that the company had UK sales of £7bn but paid no UK corporation tax – to the margins. 


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