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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


A report from activist Ralph Lopez: "According to the UN, 35% of Afghans do not meet the daily caloric intake requirement required to avoid malnutrition. Translation, this many Afghans are pretty much starving slowly. This could help account for the average lifespan, the shortest in the world, of 43. We're talking about a speed-up in the process, which, combined with unimaginable cold at these mountain altitudes, makes people drop like flies. Especially children. It happened in Samangan in 2008, in Tulak in 2005, and many other provinces where the world's fourth-poorest people expire without note by the wider world.

"At a UN press conference this week it was revealed that it is in danger of happening again, this time in the southern and south-east provinces. Twenty percent of food aid has not reached it's target. The financial shortage amounts to about US$ 870 million, what we spend on military operations 2 weeks. This is the time we can show Afghans we are for real, and will never let another single child starve and freeze if we can help it. Congress must pass emergency legislation as fast as it passed the legislation funding bullets and bombs. Otherwise we are damned, and deserve it."

Someone might want to let the magician know about this. I'm sure that after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize he would not want it to be known that he sat back and let children starve while he waged war on them - especially at the time when the Christians celebrate the birth of the prince of peace.

Can you say genocide? Think about it....the magician and his handlers want pipelines to be constructed through Afghanistan.....but the "terrorists" are in the way....wouldn't it be easier for the oil corporations who are running this policy to just thin the population out a bit?

Starvation, white phosphorous bombs, depleted uranium or drone attacks on civilians - it's all the same thing.

The US wants to stabilize Afghanistan? It's hospitals, schools, feed the people, stop blowing them up. But the truth is that the US does not want peace, nor stability, in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They want chaos in order to justify a long-term occupation. They want pipelines and they don't give a damn about the people.


Blogger Serifo said...

This is why the current US strategy is likely to fail and maybe backfire at US , if they continue to give more emphasis on military approach and less on human development!

12/29/09, 8:29 PM  

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