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Monday, July 17, 2017

Palestine in America

After lunch today Craig Wood drove us over to the neighborhood where the 40 year old Australian meditation teacher Justine Damon was shot to death late Saturday night after she called police to report some noise in her back yard. 

As we drove up to her home a large scrum of media folks were outside the house waiting for some family member to come out and make a statement.  Several of the media people were from Australia.

One media person told us that the story circulating is that she was shot dead by a policeman sitting in the passenger side of their cop car while she leaned on the car talking to the cop who was driving.  She was in her pajamas.  The officer in the passenger seat shot past his partner in the drivers seat.

No one knows why the shots were fired and the body cameras on the police were turned off.

Craig and I went over the the spot where it all came down and I added a message in chalk along with other messages on the sidewalk and in a driveway.  I wrote 'Palestine in America' - something I now put in Facebook comments every day when I see another story about police beating or killing people across the country.



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Palestine in America.

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