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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Russia Did It.......

'Connect the dots' and follow the script right back to a Madison Avenue public relations department that is running this 'Russia did it' fantasy.

The goal is to demonize Russia so the American people, and those throughout the west, will roll over like lemmings and allow the Pentagon and NATO to militarily encircle Russia as they work toward 'regime change' in Moscow.

It's a daily thing now that I witness 'progressive' activists spouting the corporate oligarchy line that Russia did it.  It reminds me of 2003 when so many people swallowed the blue pill of 'WMD' being in Iraq which led to 'shock and awe'.  It's sad that so many people allow themselves to be led by their nose right into another war.  This time it would be a war with a nuclear armed global power that has a strong alliance with another nuclear power called China.

Live and learn they say - but this time we might not live long enough if this Russia demonization game continues on its present course.

Might be better if we said, "Wake the hell up and see the writing on the wall!  Quit believing the recycled red baiting drivel that is coming from the corporate funded and directed media."



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