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Friday, July 14, 2017

Capitalism is God....

The truth has been spoken in the halls of Congress where the green frog skin (dollar bill) is worshiped by those who carry water for the corporate interests.

Native Americans said that when the white people came to this continent they noticed that they were blinded by their love for the green frog skin.  They could not see beyond their paper money and recognize their relationship with nature.  Thus early on the Indians knew that the white folks would destroy the water, the land, the air and they tried to warn the invaders but they were far too busy 'making $$$' to listen.

So today we have massive ecological problems and the talking heads in Washington still have their hearts and minds buried in their paper money.  Trump's walk away from dealing with climate change is just the latest example.

So Rev. Blackmon above gets it right - capitalism has become God for those who 'run' this country and much of the planet.

I am at the Portland airport now heading to Minnesota where I will speak this weekend at Peacestock (a Veterans For Peace event) and then two churches during the coming days.

I've spoken at Peacestock once before (can't remember when, it was some time ago) so it will be fun to be back there again.  I have fond memories of VFP members from Minnesota.  The first time the Global Network held a conference in Huntsville, Alabama in 2001 a big group of Minnesota VFP guys drove down to be with us.

One more thing, last night I ran across an article that reported the US was deploying a 'missile defense' system in Lithuania.  That now makes three nations up close to the Russian border that are hosting US MD systems.  The others are Poland and Romania.  What if Russia was basing its military in Canada or Mexico?  Hello!  See the article here



Blogger 3Xblessed said...

I just wonder why the air and water quality is worse in poorer countries and better where the green frog skin is worth something?

7/21/17, 6:30 AM  
Blogger 3Xblessed said...

The Lithuanians and People of Poland have asked the US to set up MD systems because they fear Russia. Otherwise the US would not be there. Russia, on the other hand, has moved its military into the Eastern part of Ukraine by force.

7/21/17, 6:32 AM  
Blogger Bruce K. Gagnon said...

Actually Russia has not invaded eastern Ukraine. The US and its Nazi puppet regime in Kiev have done so shelling innocent civilians and killing thousands of them - war crimes. Russia is not going to invade Poland or Lithuania - that is all media hype. In 2016 Russia spent 4% of the global total of military spending. The US was at 36% and when you factor in the NATO nations the total comes to almost 60%. In fact in 2016 and 2017 Russia cut their military budget. They are hardly able to invade anyone.

7/21/17, 8:55 AM  

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