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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sunday Song


Anonymous Tom M Culhane said...

The music of the ancient world had "keys" to it. A song could be played in 12 different ways. Each key had a different flavor and effect. Today with "modern tuning", all the keys are gone, there is only one key, in effect, because all the notes now have the same proportion one to the next.

In other words the establishment stole our music. Modern music is blurry. It's a hoax. It's out of tune with Nature.

I have recovered the ancient tunings, which have been "lost" since before the Renaissance. Music can now be played in tune: the potential for helping ourselves and the Earth is enormous. This divine gift has now been returned.

If anyone wants to understand more about this, google "The Noah's Ark/Arc Code: Book Two" and you should find my post. The tunings are there for anyone of goodwill.

Since Book Two is a continuation of a Book One, which is not about music, you'll have to ignore a bit of my writings in Book Two if you just want the music end of all this. Dig thru it and you can understand it.

I also have a youtube account where I've posted samples of the ancient tunings, if anyone's interested.

6/10/17, 9:42 PM  

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