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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

VFP Brings Letters to the Vietnam Wall

On Memorial day in Washington Veterans For Peace (VFP) placed letters written by people from around the country along the Vietnam War Memorial - many people picked them up and read them.

Then we went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and VFP members took turns reading the entire April 4, 1967, “Beyond Vietnam” speech by Dr. King at the Riverside Church in New York City where he came out against the Vietnam War.  It was this speech where King declared that America was the largest purveyor of violence on the planet.  Exactly one year to the day after delivering that speech King was killed by his own government who feared that the famed civil rights leader would bring that movement and the peace movement together.  That could not be allowed so he was assassinated.

The US government is now working overtime to 'rewrite' the history of the Vietnam War so that the public will 'finally get over it'.  VFP is committed to keep the truth about Vietnam alive.


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