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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Setting Up for War with Russia

Generals from US and NATO discuss at a news conference how they are war gaming in eastern Europe along the Russian border including Poland, Estonia, Romania and Bulgaria.

So it is really a triple-edged strategy at work here. At the least the US-NATO are putting a loaded gun to Moscow's head saying get on your knees and submit to the west or else.

Secondly this is a major influx of profit for the military industrial complex.

Lastly, and most likely, the US-NATO are determined to take down Russia while they believe they still can before the growing Russia-China alliance (economic and military) makes it impossible to do so.

The arrogance of the US will ultimately lead to disaster because once these war mongers get going they are very hard to pull back.  It will be more than interesting to see how Trump deals with all of this.

The Obama administration is the one that is setting all of this in motion just as Trump enters office.  So while there are huge worries about Trump (and major protests planned against him) there has been very little concern and protest against Obama during his two terms in office as he over and over again escalated tensions along the Russian border.

It goes to show the utter hypocrisy of liberal Democrats.  When their party is in control of the White House they don't mind this kind of provocative and aggressive escalation tactics.  But as Trump comes into power those same liberals are holding meetings all over the nation to stop the 'new fascist dictator'.

Sadly they miss the clear reality that it was the old boss that created this mess - not the new boss.

I stand against both bosses - I continue to call both mainstream political parties in the US fascist.  The classic definition of fascism is the wedding of corporations and government.  We have that in the US no matter whether Republicans or Democrats are in power.



Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

It's been that way all my life. We won't have any redemption from political saviors. It's the People or the Establishment. When the establish comes down, may God grant that a large enough minority have the wisdom to pull the people together, without trying to resurrect the Old Establishment.

Build new, not trying to renovate.

1/19/17, 5:22 PM  

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