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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Protest in Italy


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

I could see that at an American political prison, like the SuperMax in Florence Colorado.

The people on the base must have had a lot more restraint about it than cops usually have. Things like the guy in Louisina 14 years or so ago, had a cell phone and was talking into the cell phone, and the cop radio traffic confirmed they knew it was a cell phone, but when they put 8 bullets in his back it suddenly turned into being a "perception" it "looked like" a "gun".

so the first thought that crossed the cerebral cortex other than the near seizure experience of all the flashing lights, was "my God, what happens if the SPs think it's mortars and LAWS rockets?" or at least SAY that was what they perceived it to be.

In the wrong hands or brains it could be used as a provocation.

They have a lot of courage.

1/17/17, 3:54 PM  

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