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Thursday, May 07, 2015

U.S. Troops in Ukraine

Three hundred American soldiers have arrived in western Ukraine. In the latest dispatch, Vice News traveled there to find out what their mission is.

This Vice News report raises some questions for me.  They are doing alot of reporting from Ukraine and many of their reports veer toward support of the US-NATO war project.  First off, how did Vice News get access to this highly scripted event that included the US Ambassador to Ukraine and a speech by president (I use that word reluctantly) Poroshenko?  Lately in Ukraine the puppet government has been killing or expelling any real journalists that dare tell the truth about what is actually going on.

I come away from the video with the clear sense that most of the American GI's could probably not find Ukraine on a world map and know virtually nothing about the civil war that was started by the US-NATO war machine.  But if they end up being there awhile they might learn more than they had ever bargained for.


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