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Tuesday, May 06, 2014


The Amoral Claim

I was in the bank today
the TV on the wall
carried the stock market channel
three guys talking about possible
war with Russia

One claimed
Putin is amoral
(Miriam Webster: being outside the sphere
to which moral judgements apply)
he was saying
that Putin is crazy
it was fitting to hear this
from stock market cats

The moral Wall Streeters
kick folks
out into the street
foreclosed on
legions now homeless

How about Obama's moral
drones in Pakistan
and Yemen
killing innocents?
how many died in Iraq
from the moral US bombs?

How many died in Libya
from NATO's moral
"responsibility to protect"

Food stamps are cut
by the moral rich men
and women
who occupy
the halls of Congress
children go hungry

Health care is carefully
ladled out
by the moral insurance
who care so deeply
about the millions
who have been thrown
under the bus

A holy book once
beware of judging...
You hypocrite,
first take the log out of your own eye,
and then you will see clearly
to take the speck out of your brother’s eye

the rich
wise men 
are here
to save us
from the amoral
Putin who rides 
the bear


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