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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The fascist South Korean puppet government, fully under the control of the US corporate empire, is now paying operatives living in the US to disrupt protests done by progressive Koreans inside the US.

Below is an account of a recent protest at Yale University (New Haven, CT) that was against the South Korean (ROK) government and was disrupted by former ROK military men now living in the US.

On Dec. 7 (Sat.), a candle protest in demand of ‘Out, Park Geun-Hye,’ carried out by the Korean residents from the parts of Connecticut and New York, turned into a hell by the groups of right wing Korean residents from the New York. The groups of mostly ROK veterans were almost on the verge of being arrested for their awful violence on protesters.

It is known that the leader of a group wearing military uniform is a President of the ROK veteran association based in New York. It is also known that he is directed by the ROK vice-consulate in NY who was dispatched from the ROK National Intelligence Service (NIS). Each of the group is known to be paid of about $100 USD for one time mobilization. A leader of such group has leaked that about $2,000 including meal fee are paid for about 30 mobilized right wing people to interrupt people’s one time non-violent protest.

A woman who is a President of the NY Parents Association and also a government officer of the Education Dept., City of NY (Parents coordinator) - principally prohibited to contact with the intelligence departments from other countries - is in fact, taking a role of ROK NIS agency, such as by her meeting with the ROK NIS personnel, which would be greatly mattered.

An informant told that in case of NY, money is delivered from the ROK veterans to the account of Mr. M, whose origin is an ex-ROK navy officer. Mr. M is known to be one of famous figures in NY for his past career of Advisory chief of the Korean Society, NY.

As such, it is confirmed that the ROK government is illegally supporting funds to the ROK veterans in the United States to stop the Korean residents’ candle protest, which would bring a big ripple in the US not to mention the Korea-domestic political field if it becomes an issue.


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