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Bruce Gagnon is coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. He offers his own reflections on organizing and the state of America's declining empire....

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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. @BruceKGagnon

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Join your charitable host Robert Foster - and our special guest, General Baxter, direct from AFRICOM - as we delve into the dark heart of the matter.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Here is my video report from our February trip to Gangjeong village on Jeju Island, South Korea where we held the Global Network's 20th annual meeting.

Thanks to filmmaker Eric Herter for taking my raw video footage and making this film.  He spent alot of time working on this.

You can order copies of this on DVD from the Global Network for $15.  Send check to GN, PO Box 652, Brunswick, Maine 04011.


Unmanned drones are revolutionizing modern warfare. The aircraft have flown countless missions in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen. By 2020 there may be as many as 30,000 surveillance drones flying in the US, but critics argue that drones are an invasion of privacy. So who stands to benefit from the mass production of the craft? Amie Stepanovich, associate litigation counsel for EPIC, joins RT to help answer this question.


A critical look at the growing effort to do geo-engineering on and around our Mother Earth.

Are we really capable of managing the planet?

Should we allow the "scientists" to even try?

Watch out for the words "Earth systems governance".

Earth, Inc.

The biggest capitalist project ever.

What kind of relationship should we have with technology?

Can we master ourselves before we try to tackle the Earth?

Thursday, June 21, 2012


  • It was hot here yesterday, a real scorcher.  Hit 89 degrees which for Maine at this time of the year is hot.  The humidity was high as well.  Felt like Florida and I dressed like I was back in the sunshine state too.  A friend told me that this spring was the hottest on record in Maine.  Still the climate change deniers will say that there is nothing to worry about. We've pared ourselves down from three cars to one at the Addams-Melman House to try in a small way to reduce our carbon footprint.  
  • I had a call from a professor friend on the west coast yesterday who can't find work.  He is only 60 and is really worried about how he will be able to economically survive.  I suggested that he might consider getting a housemate which would help reduce his living costs.  We are just getting ready to add two more housemates at our place which will take us up to five people.  The old way of everyone living in their own house needs to change.  Share cars, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc and reduce your overall impact.  It also makes life more affordable when you share all the costs for food and utilities.  Gardening is easier the more people you get involved in pulling weeds.  I acknowledge that finding the right mix of folks is very important but so far it has worked well for us.
  • On Friday night in Brunswick will be the next meeting of a network of folks we are calling Vital Connections.  We meet every other month and have a pot luck supper together and then ask three different people to speak for 10 minutes each about their work.  The idea is that we've all got to get out of our boxes by stretching our ability to connect the dots and begin to see that the progressive community will continue to be defeated on virtually every issue until we realize that we have to create a new organizing model that puts us into cooperative and collaborative situations with other people and groups that we have not traditionally worked with.  The Occupy movement has helped people see this a bit better but still even Occupy has been real slow to see the importance of linking the military issue into all their other articulations.  The Pentagon is obviously the enforcement arm of corporate globalization.  The growing militarization of our domestic culture, and the introduction of surveillance drones, is clear evidence that the corporate power structure sees the American people as the enemy.  I will be one of the three presenters on Friday night.  It will be held at the Brunswick Library with the pot luck supper starting at 6:00 pm.  Public is welcome.  Connect the dots and survive.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


29 minute radio interview of me by David Swanson on his Talk Nation show.  The show is syndicated by Pacifica Network.

On his web site David wrote:   Bruce Gagnon describes U.S. and NATO plans in the works to militarily surround and threaten both Russia and China. Gagnon is co-founder and coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space at He's the author of Come Together Right Now, and of a chapter in The Military Industrial Complex at 50.


I've been hearing from some friends during the past week that they have been having trouble seeing the blog.  One said he was getting weird advertising coming on the screen and another this morning said nothing was there at all.

I use Mozilla Firefox to look at the Internet and the blog was showing up fine for me.  But when I went to Internet Explorer (IE) I found no copy on the blog.  My photo was there, as was the Recent Posts menu on the left side, but everything else was blank.

I called my friend Dan, my "Blog Doctor", who has fixed things for me a couple of times before and asked him to check it out.  The blog showed up for him on Firefox but not on IE.  Then a half hour later he called me back and said it was back on IE.  I checked and yes it was.  Then a few minutes later it was gone again.  God knows what the deal is?

My first suggestion is that everyone should be using Mozilla Firefox to surf the web because it is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web.  IE is a corporate entity.

If you don't already have Firefox you can download it for free here

If ever you can't see the blog, or it appears to have become an advertising agency for some corrupt corporate scheme, PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY LEAVING A COMMENT OR SENDING ME AN EMAIL.

Thanks and sorry for the hassles.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012



One of Obama's former professors appears to have turned against him, according to this video.

"President Obama must be defeated in the coming election," Roberto Unger, a longtime professor at Harvard Law School who taught Obama, said in a video posted on May 22. "He has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States."

Unger said that Obama must lose the election in order for "the voice of democratic prophecy to speak once again in American life."

Well done if you can understand half of what the professor says.  As the folks in Maine like to say, "Those Harvard boys are wicked smart."


  • I took a heart stress test yesterday after a recent annual physical revealed a sketchy EKG.  My doc sent me to a cardiologist who ran the tests.  I seemed to do well on the treadmill (no chest pains or shortness of breath).  The disconcerting part was when they shot a radioactive solution into my veins so they could test my heart function.  I learn more next week when the cardiologist reviews the results with me.  I glowed in the dark all night - looked like a neon street sign.
  • I must begin in earnest today wrapping up our next Global Network Space Alert newsletter.  It's going to be more graphic and pictorial than past editions.  
  • I had a call last night from Mark Swaney in Arkansas.  We've been friends since the early 1980's in Orlando, Florida.  He was working as an engineer back then at Martin Marietta (before it merged into Lockheed Martin) and called me one day to say he wanted to quit and could I help him.  Having never met Mark I got right to the point and asked him if he'd like to hold a news conference and announce his resignation from the military industrial complex due to moral issues with building Patriot nuclear missiles.  He said yes so I organized the news conference and he spoke out publicly.  In those days the local media thought those kinds of stories were worthy of coverage - especially in a right-wing military town like Orlando.  Mark eventually moved to Arkansas where he became a key leader in the Green Party.  Last night he told me that the AFL-CIO endorsed him last time he ran for office.  He said that the Democrats are doing nothing for the progressive community anymore in his state.  Some of the constituency groups are finally waking up.
  • The Washington Post has an attack dog columnist that uses humor, razor blades, cynicism, and irony to beat up on his victims.  His name is Dana Milbank and he went to Yale University where he was a member of the Skull & Bones Secret Society (just like the Bush family and Sen. John Kerry among other notables).  In his latest piece he cuts up the left and Occupy declaring the end of the movement.  Milbank's job is to mock and humiliate his targets and he does a fine job of it.  The oligarchy places their operatives in all the right places and this Skull & Bones member knows his job.  The oligarchy has its boot on the necks of the 99% and mocks us for being slow to push the boot away.

Monday, June 18, 2012


This crazy corporate proposal to divide Maine right in half is drawing strong opposition.  The East-West highway would be a half-mile wide toll road just for heavy trucks.  The environmental and cultural implications are enormous.

Many activists here in Maine say we've been a resource extraction colony (fish, timber, bottled water) for hundreds of years.  The corporate colonization continues.

First of three part video report by Regis Tremblay.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


A collection of clips showing military chaplains and some of the many fundamentalist parachurch ministries that operate freely within the military clearly stating what their real mission is. Video also shows the mission of these chaplains and parachurch ministries being put into practice in Afghanistan.

It is a Holy War.

 Help Build the Wall separating Church and State in the U.S. Military!