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Saturday, June 30, 2012


(You have to keep hitting the play button but it will eventually work)
A young man, Dongwon, occupied a crane on the dredging barge for 7 hours today (June 30) to stop the construction work and to protect the soft coral reefs. After the 7 hour long struggle on the crane he was arrested by Jeju marine police on charges of obstruction of business and intrusion to ship.  He had been also arrested and imprisoned last August and was on two years probation. Dongwon who once was a social worker has met Gureombi rock while travelling to Jeju Island and is now wholly devoting his life to this struggle to stop the military base.


Anonymous Ray Songtree said...

Thank you for posting this. He is a true hero. May we stop the military machine that sees all of nature as collateral damage in its own egotistic definition of power.

7/1/12, 7:36 AM  

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