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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


For the longest time I have been saying that Obama will win reelection because the oligarchy wants him back on the job.  After all, he has given them everything Bush gave them (bailouts for Wall Street, more war, attacks on civil liberties, cutbacks in social progress) but Obama has done something that no Republican could do.  He has kept the left under control.  So from that stand point it makes total sense.

But lately we've been seeing these desperate measures by the Obama-nator.  He had his staff release top secret information to the media about his drone strike baseball cards.  He's released top secret info to the media about Cyber attacks on Iran.  You only do that kind of thing when you are worried.

Maybe the oligarchy got their pound of flesh out of Obama and are ready to move on to new fresh meat.  Allowing Mitt Romney to become president helps a bit to mollify the hard to handle Tea Party-niks.  It throws fear and panic into the liberal class.  In a way who cares if the liberals hit the streets again - they'll just bring in the cops and bash some heads - the liberals will quickly scatter.  (At what point though do you begin to wonder when the cops figure out that they are next on the list to get screwed?  All the attacks on public sector unions - cops are unionized in the public sector.  Oh boy.  That could get interesting. Who will be brought in to bash the heads of cops when they go out on strike?  The National Guard?  Ouch!)

Let's look at the list of what Romney would bring.  More war?  Check.  Keep tax cuts for the rich?  Check.  Drain social programs including Social Security and Medicare?  Check.  Continue attacks on civil liberties?  Check.  Keep the left under control?  Well, at least by force of arms.....check.

It's going to be an interesting summer and fall watching this thing play out.  The oligarchy now has their two horses in the White House race.  And they are off.....Obama is in the lead by a head, Romney is closing, Romney takes the lead in campaign fundraising, Obama appears to be limping......will there be a surge?

Stay tuned for more.................


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