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Monday, April 08, 2019

Five years of attacks on Donbass

Today is the fifth anniversary of the Donetsk People's Republic in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border. The young state appeared in response to the coup in Kiev, Ukraine and the military aggression by the unbridled nationalists (Nazi) supported by US-NATO.

Donbass paid a terrible price for its freedom and the right to speak its native Russian language: 10,000 civilians dead, ruined cities, destroyed infrastructure.

The claim is that Russia invaded Ukraine but that did not happen.  You can hear one old woman in the video (with subtitles) saying she wished Moscow had invaded.

But it is the reverse which has happened.  The Nazi death squads, sent from western Ukraine, invade the eastern part of the country where they shell schools, hospitals, churches, day care centers, airports, rail stations, water supply and electrical stations, shops, apartment blocks and rural farm homes.

The US-NATO arms, trains and directs these Nazis and sends them eastward to the Donbass to do their killing work.

If you don't believe it just watch this video of Obama's Ambassador of Ukraine going to a US Army Special Forces training base in western Ukraine where the Nazis were brought into a newly created 'National Guard', dressed up in new uniforms, trained and dispatched to the east.  See the video here.



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