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Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Favorite Cab Driver

The Artist Taxi Driver says that the British media is sick.  They are demonizing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the run up to the next election because he wants the rich to share a bit of their wealth in order that the poor and working class can have a better life.

But the greedy rich inside the ruling Tories (just like the rich here in the US) always 'want more'.  They never can have enough.

The rich must be restrained otherwise if left to their own devices they will barrel over all of us and create a global slave class.  That is always the tension between good and evil - the devil wants all the souls - the rich want all the money.

But it is difficult to restrain the rich when they own the media, they own most elected officials, and they own most of the institutions in our societies.  And it is getting worse these days as we see feudalism returning.

By controlling the media and Hollywood the rich use 'entertainment' to sell the public on the joys of wealth - making the public think that they too should strive to win the lottery and move into a house on the hill.  Guess what?  It ain't gonna happen in your lifetime!

What we need are political parties and leaders like Corbyn and Labour who are fighting for those who have been marginalized.  It's a program of hope and justice.

See a recent speech by Corbyn.  He lays out the issues and the solutions.  He is the kind of politician we all need these days.




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