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Monday, May 15, 2017

Welcome to Ukraine

A friend of mine has a son in the US Army Special Forces.  He is currently stationed at a base in western Ukraine (the stronghold of Bandera Nazi supporters) where the US Army is training these Nazis (in the newly formed National Guard) and then sending them to eastern Ukraine to shell hospitals, schools, day care centers, churches, rail stations, airports, civilian homes, and apartment blocks killing their fellow citizens whose only crime is that they speak Russian as they live near the Russian border.

These actions by the US backed Ukrainian forces are war crimes.  The goal is to draw Russia into a war with US-NATO which has expanded their military operations right up to Moscow's border.

This video below shows Obama's Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt (the other person in the famous 'Fuck the EU' phone call with neo-con Victoria Nuland) boarding a train and spending the day at the training camp greeting American soldiers from Ft. Carson, Colorado.

If you'd like to get a handle on how this whole coup d'etat in Ukraine came about see this article here

Ignore this story at your own peril.



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