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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Native Americans Resist Oil Pipeline


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

The Lakota never accepted the money the BIA (or their forefathers) "paid" for the land. The land being most of the northwest United states,

So the large (but not nearly what the Government actually gets when they sell or rent the land) "loaf" of federal bread sits in a vault.

The land ain't for sale nor are the people.

This is an excellent time for this to come up.

8/20/16, 12:33 PM  
Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Twelve and a half million views. Sweet.

If we can get both of the Big Two prez candidates to make statements that would be a dream. Since both of them are in industries which involve land grabs. Both have promised more drilling in America. The Donald has come out publicly criticizing Indian sovereignty especially with regards to mineral rights, of which this is the backside. And casinos of course and that is in no way a reflection of the fact that he owns some casinos and the Native Gaming is his competition.

With or without it making a difference in the corporate ordination and appointment of officials oops I'm supposed to say Elections and the expressed will of the people, yeah, that's the ticket, if we get some really stupid remarks from either head of the Duopoly it can change a lot in native politics. There's a huge amount of petition drives here in Colorado, can't go to the grocery store without somebody asking if you're a registered voter. And there's a huge debate on fracking, very related.

Very cool. It's related to how I got back into Indian politics, there's a mountain in Chattanooga, sacred to all the natives in the region and especially Cherokee, the governor granted a mountaintop removal corporation the "rights" to do what they do worst.

Said they couldn't find any of the descendants of the original land holders. I thought, Damn, the Cherokee Nation has offices in Chattanooga. It's a Cherokee word. A formerly Cherokee town. And we had towns, permanent settlements, for 3000 years. And yeah, that's the right number of zeros.

But, you might have guessed, they meant owners of Andrew Jackson land grants.

It's a big propaganda deal that it was purchased from the French and Spanish criminal enterpr... err.. monarchies that were run by people who had never seen the Louisiana territory. Guess which Tribal Units didn't sell the French or Spanish kings a single square foot of America? Or the English for that matter.

Hillary usually doesn't use racial slurs when she's cheating some tribe of non-whites, because she learned how well that doesn't stand up in courts or politics. Maybe the Donald will again. It would be a good start.

8/21/16, 12:10 PM  

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