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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Total Opposition to THAAD in Seongju

The local Seongju TV reports 908 people shaved their heads as an expression of opposition to the THAAD, in a park of Seongju, Kyungsang province of Korea.

Remembering the day of August 15, the 71th anniversary day of Korea's liberation from Japanese colonization, the original plan was to have 815 people. But more than 900 people volunteered for shaving hairs.

Not only men but women, too. It is told to be a record that such numbers of people got shaved in a same spot and day. The blue is a symbolic color of anti-THAAD protest in Seongju which has 45,000 population.

In Korea to shave your head is an act that indicates total commitment to the struggle.  It is also rare that women shave their heads.


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

You already know this but this has now been reported on Global Research. I haven't got to read their take on it. or who wrote it. I like it, I commented on antiwar dot com about it, that you had a lot of people following you. Like the Air Force Office of Special Investigation. And others. They followed me around Sheppard AFB long ago because somebody had sold me 5 really pathetic joints then got busted bringing almost a half pound on base. And then gave the OSI my name. Had one entry "Airman Brown observed at water fountain taking white pills" ---NoDoz I had bought at the BX.

They're nothing if not thorough.

But most importantly you've got a goodly following of people who might just get a goodly change in policy.

Happiness and good vibes.

8/20/16, 12:44 PM  

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