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Friday, July 22, 2016

South Korea Labels 'Missile Defense' Critics as 'Impure' Enemies of the State

  • More than 2,000 Seongju (South Korea) residents - melon farmers, housewives, teachers, city councils, Martial Arts masters, veterans, etc.-- took 50 buses, traveled to Seoul and held a peaceful rally at Seoul Station Plaza yesterday, articulating their opposition to the deployment of the US THAAD 'missile defense' system.
  • The situation will get even worse for the people of Seongju as President Park Geun-hye (daughter of former dictator and US puppet who got his start as a collaborator with the occupying Japanese imperial Army during WW II) yesterday ordered to identify and root out all “impure” people. The residents in Seongju who had voted for President Park Geun-hye enthusiastically are now identified as “impure” enemies of the state. The Prime Minister (who just days ago was egged by the people of Seongju) pledged to follow President Park's order by finding and punishing the "impure" enemies.
  • Elderly residents from Seongju were unable to suppress their frustration. “Seongju adores Park Geun-hye, [but now] I want to cut off the finger I voted for her with. I mean it!” said one.
  • Mary Beth and I made it home from Toronto about 1:00 am last night after a 13-hour drive back to Bath.  I was asked to speak about Keep Space for Peace Week (October 1-8) before leaving the Toronto conference.  I was handed the tear-off portion of our space week flyer from a person committing to organize an event in Caracas, Venezuela during the week of global local actions.  The annual week of protest against the militarization of space has taken place each year since 2001.
  • A couple of days ago I also heard from activists in Sicily who said they planned to translate our space week poster into Italian and will hold a space week protest at the new US MUOS space directed warfare communications base near Niscemi.  You can see the space week poster here


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Aligned with the releases of several Space Wars movies released this summer. I just get a sneaking suspicion that Hollywood is definitely not on our side.

7/24/16, 8:48 AM  

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