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Friday, April 15, 2016

The "Color Revolution" World Tour

Laurent Brayard writes (Translated by Tom Winter):

There was a time when I wrote that we were in a Second Cold War. There was also a time when I, like many others, looked upon the fall of the Soviet Union as a great victory for peace.

There is much to say yet about the USSR, certainly the giant had long since been a "dead man walking," frozen, paralyzed, and cornered by a race against the great American enemy, a competition which ended in the complete destruction of a system which was no longer viable neither knowing how to resist the onslaught of the West over time, or how to reform to find the resources to continue the fight some other way. No matter how far from me the idea of a nostalgia that I never had for the defunct union, the fact of the matter is that the cold war never stopped.

It should have.

A documentary from 11 years ago sheds much light on what has been happening in Ukraine and Europe from an American offensive that looks like an overall plan that the CIA developed probably in the early 2000s. For the collapse of the Soviet Union didn't mean peace, far from it. The 2005 film "The US: for the conquest of the East" is a good tool for understanding the mindset of the US deep government and the CIA at the time.

In a very relaxed and open manner, participants clearly explain US plans to destabilize an entire sequence of regimes, all in the backyard of the Russian Federation and with the ultimate aim being Russia itself. On an orange T-shirt, the film shows the revolutions already accomplished and those yet to accomplish, from Belarus, on to Russia, and the countries of Central Asia.

The nonchalance of the participants is disturbing, an American publisher in Kyrgyzstan, a known CIA agent who is behind a revolution organized by the US, passing among activists on the American dole with a large-scale very select menu of several countries with revolutions achieved and those still to come.

Amid unabashed laughter, it's a question of methods, symbols, choosing a color, contamination of the People, especially the young people born after the fall of the Berlin Wall, with unlimited funding by the United States, the money that will flow, the tomorrows that will sing.

All this is alarming because of a great cynicism, notably about the human cost. Certainly, to arrange the "democratic" cause, the CIA officers say they must find the ways and means to engage these muffled and almost game-like revolutions. But all told, it sounds very false; many a time, the cameras are cut, and the participants get annoyed.

Read the rest of this very important article here


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