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Friday, August 07, 2015

Protesting at U.S. X-Band Radar Base

Global Network members holding banners outside the Pentagon's new X-Band radar base near the Ukawa village in the northern part of Kyoto prefecture in Japan.  American soldiers stood on the other side of the fence armed with machine guns, walkie-talkies, and cameras.  Some arrogantly laughed at us.

We presented the beleaguered village committee with our annual Peace in Space Award and promised them they were not alone in this fight.  Already they’ve seen the disruption of their local culture by the American GI’s assigned to the base. The fishing and farming village will surely become a prime target as Obama ‘pivots’ 60% of US military forces into the region. Despite Pentagon reassurances the Ukawa villagers are deeply worried about the health effects from the radar just as are the residents on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and citizens in other locations around the world where the US has deployed similar missile defense (MD) radars.  No legitimate health studies have ever been made public that measure the true human impacts of electromagnetic radiation waves.


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