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Friday, March 20, 2015

Poroshenko Yells at Laid-Off Workers

Translated from Russian by J. Hawk

Ukraine’s president Poroshenko made threats against the about to be laid off Borispol airport workers. He yelled at the assembled workers, then said that if they raise their voice against him, “they’ll be taken away.”

At first Poroshenko issued an emotion-laden explanation of the reasons behind layoffs. He said that they are not illegal, and that if the airport workers believe they were laid off unlawfully, they can turn to the courts. Courts whose impartiality will be ensured by…Poroshenko himself.

“Right now the government is economizing. Yanukovych [former president who was ousted in US directed coup] cost the state 1.5 billion hryvnya per month. Now we are spending only 800 million on the president—we are making cutbacks. The presidential administration was cut by 40%. Today, when there’s a war on, nobody will be supported by the government budget. That’s why there are cuts. In full accordance with the law.”

Poroshenko also exhorted the laid-off workers to "earn money."

These words caused an even greater upset in the crowd. In order to calm down the protesters, the Poroshenko sternly warned: “Don’t you raise your voice at me, or you’ll be taken away.”

J. Hawk’s Comment: What that last phrase means is anyone’s guess. In this day and age, it could mean imprisonment or even death. However, Poroshenko is clearly losing it. He’s not used to people questioning him, he can’t conceive of the Maidan project he conceived and funded backfiring on him (think of the investment!), yet the situation is slipping out of his control so he is lashing out.

Incidentally, do watch the video. Poroshenko’s hand gestures are a wonder to behold. That’s quite an exercise in finger-wagging!

Bruce's Comment: I can't wait to watch the version with English translation!


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