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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lenten Vigils Began Today at BIW

Today I joined a dozen others at Bath Iron Works here in Maine for the Ash Wednesday peace vigil.  This event began the Lenten season vigils that will happen each Saturday from this weekend on through April 4.  We'll gather from 11:30 am to 12:30 each Saturday on Washington Street in front of the BIW administration building.

Each Saturday at noon there is a shift change and we'll have a chance to directly interact with hundreds of shipyard workers.  Most of our signs and banners call for the conversion of the shipyard, where Navy destroyers are now made, to peaceful production.  Why can't we build wind turbines and commuter rail in Bath?  In fact a study done by UMASS-Amherst Economics Department reports that we'd get more jobs building alternative energy systems.  See the study here

Lent is a time to fast from our culture of excess by resisting the temptation of militarism.  We need to stand together to express our opposition to this ongoing crime against peace which is the building of these guided missile warships here in Bath.

On March 21 our regular Lenten event at BIW will be larger than usual as it will be the designated Maine protest site for the national spring mobilization for peace.  (See info above)

With us that day will be two activist leaders from Jeju Island, South Korea where a Navy base is being built that will port the destroyers built at BIW.  Rarely do people in Maine think about where these warships go after they are launched and just how they impact local communities like Gangjeong village on Jeju Island.  That 500-year old fishing and farming village is being torn to pieces as part of Obama's provocative 'pivot' into the Asia-Pacific in order to encircle China.

Please join us at the Lenten BIW vigils.  Take a stand for peace......


Blogger denk said...

there'r activists like mr Gagnon, then there'r
*activist* like dave lindorf !

2/19/15, 1:45 AM  
Blogger denk said...

on the ebola psyop,

*It's very much what Jane Burgermeister suspected about Dr. Thomas and how weird he was on the downed flight MH370.
(Do they ever do just one thing when they do harm?) [1]

one stone killing four birds. [ebolagate]
sobs always aim for the biggest bang per buck when they perpetrate a ff.

i counted six or was it seven birds in the mh370 ff.
but now the malaysian govn had declared mh370 an *accident* [my ass]

najib n co knew it was a fucking ff alright, dr mahathir even insinuated cia's complicity.
so why'r the malaysians changing their tunes now ?
co-opted or blackmail ?
i'd go for blackmail.
i dont blame them, three planes lost in one yr and they couldnt do shit
about it, they must be saying enuff is enuff.


2/19/15, 1:49 AM  

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