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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Resisting NATO in Montenegro

Military Neutral Montenegro as a Stability Factor in the Balkans

Yes, it is a vision of the Peace Movement “No to war – No to NATO”!

The idea of the presentation is primarily to present our efforts to English speaking interested subjects, and to expand and strengthen anti-NATO network globally. This all aims at the world peace, safer future and general welfare for the mankind. Because there was ENOUGH wars and shedding innocent blood! There was ENOUGH occupation of sovereign countries and confiscation of territories and mining wealth on behalf of a global super power! Our objective is to “awaken” unjustifiable “sleepers” in order to recognise the ultimate goal of the aggressor alliance!

The Peace Movement “No to war – No to NATO” is a network of over 50 non-governmental organisations and other legal entities in Montenegro. We were established in April 2010. How did we appear? It had all started from individual efforts of members of the editorial board of the IN4S portal ( as the founders of the Movement – until the full membership of our Movement into the global anti-NATO alliance, starting from sporadic poster sticking activities to an entity that has to be seriously taken into account regarding the possible Montenegro’s entry into military alliances.

From establishing the network until mid-summer 2013, our Movement organised a number of peace international events, with speakers from Scotland at the west to Russia at the east and Norway at the north. Numerous intellectuals, political leaders from the region, “penitent” NATO officers and well reputed Russian generals either participated in or were guests of our events. We believe that we can do more and perform better! This presentation will help you judge our results.

By organising international and regional conferences, lectures given by reputed experts and media campaigns organised by us, our mission is to practically inform our citizens on the results of possible Montenegro’s entry into the NATO alliance, with a reputation of military, offensive and fully occupational machinery . And finally – to obtain the referendum at which the citizens (and not public authorities) shall pass a decision on (non) entry into NATO in a democratic way.

The Montenegro’s NGO network “No to war – No to NATO” became a full member of the international network “No to war - No to NATO” at its annual assembly held in March 2013 in Gent, Belgium.

The international network peace movement “No to war - No to NATO” was established in Stuttgart in October 2009. More than 650 organisations from over thirty (30) countries signed the declaration, which meant formal start of the peace initiative called “Not to war – No to NATO”.

Our network was established in April 2010, in Murino, a small place in the poor Montenegro’s north, and it became a member of the global peace network...


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