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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Tell Me How You Really Feel

I thought I'd share some comments from folks this morning that seem to hit the nail on the head - at least for me they do.  Take a look if you'd like.  I won't put their names but I promise these comments come from real people.

  • I talked to many people both on phones the past few weeks and at polls yesterday who are FED UP AND ANGRY, i could see SO MUCH ANGER and yet I knew many of them were going to vote the other way... Dems can't keep intellectualizing everything publicly and sounding like professors. They need to be pissed off and populist and vocal and impolite. GODDAMMIT.    

  • It's official;  the continuation of sanctioned hatred,  scapegoating poor people,  trapping and killing of more animal species and I'm willing to bet a nickel domestic violence will significantly increase as well as the destruction of the Natural Environment. Of course,  I question the honesty of the voting system, yes even locally.  And just because we have a vote does not mean we have a democracy and certainly we don't have intelligent, peaceful consensus on anything.  Too large,  too unaware, too Alienated,  too shallow, too corrupt. Good freaking Grief !    

  • lepage [Maine's right-wing Republican governor just reelected] might have won the election, but its up to us to win the people, and empower communities to organize around their own needs. we cannot depend on the system controlled by those who profit off of our subjugation. we can push the boundaries, politically, and open up space for more direct participation, and less blatant attacks on the working class. we are the peoples mic, and we need to amplify those marginalized voices. if we can expect 4 more years of lepage style subversion of democracy, and disrespect of our people, then lets prepare for 4 years of serious direct action, both developing and strengthening community alternatives to the services we are seeing cut, and the level of resistance we need to protect our communities and disrupt  elite interests that treat us and this land like a resource to be used and dominated, bought and sold, and thrown away.    

  • I feel this needs 2 be repeated.  Voting will not uproot oppression.  Only social movements can do that.  
  • A 90-year old man was arrested the other day in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for feeding the homeless.  Been doing it for the past 20 years.  What does that say about us?    

  • The Citizens United decision put a "for sale" sign on our democracy. Corporate special interests and billionaires like the Koch brothers have been spending millions to buy our elections. But we won't stop until we get big money OUT of politics and restore Government By the People. Are you with us?   

  • "Fact: Candidates are pre-selected, pre-packaged cardboard cutouts. Fact: Powerful interests choose them. Fact: Big money owns them. Fact: Ordinary people lose. Fact: Duopoly power rules." Stephen Lendman correctly describes the U.S. 2014 election. Now that the results are in, Republicans won't solve any of our problems, either. The Democrats were just so untrustworthy. Now, we have a chance to take our country back!    

  • But this is all just political entertainment - a distraction - because there is really only one party and neither separately nor combined run the show in Washington. The government here has been taken over by the cabal of bankers, the multinational corporations, the military industrial complex, and the ruling elite - the Oligarchy. This means continued attacks on Social Security, Medicare, the social safety net, Veterans benefits and everything else that benefits the people. This also will mean endless wars for oil and resources, and the continued destruction of the environment. 10-1, Obomba now approves the XL pipeline in very short order. We are now in a fight for our very survival.    

  • Clinton neo-liberals got what they wanted! Now they can advance Trans Pacific Trade Pact-----install myRA to privatize Social Security----and end Medicare by finishing the privatization Obama has well on its way sending Medicare as block grants to the state health systems. Bye Bye union rights and Department of Labor. THAT WAS WHAT OBAMA'S TERMS WERE ABOUT-----MAKING THE DEMOCRATIC BASE OF LABOR AND JUSTICE TOO MAD TO COME OUT TO VOTE. PLEASE START NOW TO ORGANIZE AND RUN LABOR AND JUSTICE CANDIDATES IN ALL PRIMARIES AGAINST NEO-LIBERALS.
  • I'm still trying to figure out why so many Democrats think our moderately conservative President is a Liberal. I mean, I understand why Republicans call him a Liberal, modern day Republicans now think Ronald Reagan was too liberal, but Democrats? Have Democrats become so conservative they're seeing centrists as Liberals?
  • We were warned. George Orwell laid it out plainly in "Nineteen Eighty-four."   

  • It is official, Republicans now control both US Houses, Supreme Court, Wimp US conservative Democratic president, Obama, the only remaining obstacle. The wars will escalate. Preserved lands will be open to corporate expansion, inclusive of drilling, exploration of the wilderness. All for profiteering for the already very wealthy. A vast majority of american voters suffer from a lack of basic education, lack of social awareness, blinded with a false sense of patriotic duty, allegiance. Wrapped in that US flag, totally vulnerable, susceptible to market forces, they are a sad lot.  Without exaggeration, this extremist Republican element is very dangerous.      

  • How does big money succeed in getting people to vote against their own self interest?

  • A court which usually sits in secret will tomorrow (Thursday) consider whether the Government should be forced to release more information regarding its surveillance of legally privileged communications between lawyers and their clients.

  • Reportedly one half of all Americans did not know there was an election yesterday.

  • America holds its corporate chieftains in such high regard that it looks to them to solve the country's most dire economic problems. This does not always work out.

  • Democrats have lost the Senate, and what happens next is going to depend a lot on what President Obama is willing to stand up and fight for.

  • It's official: The US is the world's leading terrorist state, and proud of it.

  • Earlier this year, Ben Jealous, the former head of the NAACP and current chair Southern Election Fund, put out a report showing how a targeted wave of voter registration among people of color voters could shift the balance of power in key Southern states. But these efforts have come up against a series of cumbersome voter ID laws that have made it harder for people to vote, buttressed by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling invalidating key parts of the Voting Rights Act. "The Republicans aren’t doubling down on voter suppression in states they’re trying to acquire," Jealous says. "They’re doubling down on voter suppression in states [where] they’re afraid of losing control … This is what it looks like when the clocks are being turned back."

  • sorry, but I gotta say "blah blah blah." How about if Democrats try actually fighting for what they claim to believe in, and talking about that constantly with the public, including an election year. Oh silly me, who am I kidding. "If you don't fight hard enough for what you believe in, sooner or later you have to acknowledge that you don't really believe in it." - Paul Wellstone 


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