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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Space Week Message from Sweden

October 4, 2014

On behalf of the Swedish Peace Committee I extend our support for Keep Space for Peace Week. We hope it will be a success in spreading awareness and lead to strengthened mobilization for peace.

Today is Global Action Day Against Drones. There will be activities in Stockholm and Kiruna today and during the coming week.  It is inspiring to see the myriad of activities in other countries which are listed on the Space4Peace site.

Even if  we are not flying kites this week some of us will be meeting in Gothenburg to formulate and launch activities to resist parliamentary approval of the 'Host Nation Support Treaty' which puts in question Swedish non-alliance and neutrality, even if Sweden does not become a formal member of NATO.

The newly elected government may avoid formal NATO membership but the Host Nation Support Treaty must also be rejected.  We are disappointed by the Green Party which has scuttled its opposition to new jet fighters and submarines in order to join the new coalition government in Sweden.

Again we support whole heartedly your efforts to keep weapons out of space. It is a crucial element in the promotion of conflict resolution and peace.

- André Brochu on behalf of the Swedish Peace Committee


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