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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Fox News interviews Assad in Syria.  Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich and a regular Fox News reporter do the interviewing.

Kucinich needs to look for another job - he is a lousy interviewer and missed an opportunity to really provide the American people with a clearer view of Assad and Syria.  The regular Fox News reporter was even worse.

Assad saved the interview by telling the truth about US, British, French, and Saudi intervention in the internal affairs of Syria by funding the "rebels" who are largely Al-Quida terrorists.

There are many citizen critics inside Syria and they should have been left to deal with their political problems without the "exceptional" nation, the USA, deciding to fund and direct chaos and destruction there.

We've got enough problems here in the US and have no moral or ethical right to be lecturing other leaders about violence, transparency or democracy.


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