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Saturday, September 14, 2013


Back cove in New Harbor, just a few minutes walk from our cabin

We just returned home today after a week away in New Harbor, Maine.  Last year MB and I went there for our vacation and the only thing we could afford was a small two room place in the village area just a couple blocks from the beautiful back cove.  We spent that time walking along the rocky coastline and decided to come back again this year if we could swing it.

We found a cottage right on the coast but the cost for a week was more than we could handle.  So we talked with Addams-Melman housemate Karen Wainberg and she decided to join us. 

MB also invited her dear friend Marian Stanton from Massachusetts to come along.  MB and Marian have been close friends since they were in first grade in Cambridge.  Marian is a wonderful photographer and took these fantastic pictures.  You can see others that she took while with us here.

One day MB, Marian and I took the ferry boat out to Monhegan Island, an hour ride.  We did the hike up the rocky cliffs and thru the woods.  On one side of the island, with the wind blowing hard, we viewed the remains of a shipwreck from years past.

On another day we went just a few miles down the road from our cottage to Pemaquid Point that is famous for their lighthouse and magical rocks.  (We thought about the coastline on Jeju Island, South Korea while here.)  We were particularly taken by a part of the shore area where cairns were assembled by people who visit this spot.  I was drawn to this place and began making many of these wonderful sculptures - I posted one the other day that I decorated with purple seaweed, kind of a self portrait.
A wonderful sacred playground....I have to go back do do this some more.

We did lots of walking and sitting on the porch looking at the incredible view of the ocean.  For a couple days we had huge thunderstorms and intense fog which obscured our view but brought a cozy feeling to our cabin.
The bridge between our cottage and the back cove

View out of our cottage porch

Most days we went to the local library where we could read the newspaper and download my hundreds of emails.  Then in the evening I'd look through them to see if anything necessitated a quick response or not.  I was able to keep up with the Syria story this way and found myself writing a blog post about the people's initial victory to stop an attack. I also wrote a more personal story and will post it later on.  We also read alot, cooked good meals, and sat by the evening fire. 

We are back home and MB has taken our high school age local friend to the movies.  We'll go for pizza tonight to celebrate the end of our fine vacation.  Tomorrow MB and I will finish mapping the rest of the Maine Drone Peace Walk that I am organizing for October 10-19.  It's coming together well and excitement is building.  Veterans for Peace will hand out information about it during Maine's famous Common Ground Fair later this month.  CodePink Maine coordinator Lisa Savage is also promoting the walk on Facebook so word is spreading.

We often say how lucky we are to live in Maine.  This past week just made that feeling even stronger.


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