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Monday, July 29, 2013



I am very impressed to see this protest of folks from the right wing and left wing together in Oklahoma.  They are taking on US Syria policy.  We need more of this.

When I was up in Augusta a couple of months ago for the drone hearings I met a bunch of guys from right wing groups there for gun control hearings.  While we didn't agree on gun control we did find common ground on drone surveillance across Maine.  One of them showed me a bumper sticker that read "Protect my 2nd amendment rights to shoot down drones."

I told one of the guys on that occasion that the corporate oligarchy likes to keep the right and left snarling at each other over social issues which they steal us blind and keep waging wars.  He blew me away when he replied, "You know, we've been saying the same thing at our meetings lately."  Bingo.

If we are ever going to stop the bleeding being inflicted on us globally at the hands of our corporate masters then we've got to join hands across the spectrums.  So good on you Oklahoma for getting us started.  You are more than a fly over state!


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