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Monday, July 02, 2012


At Franklin Square Park today several hundred people gathered to hear speeches and hold workshops in the hot Philly weather.  Water was kindly shared by everyone all day long.

One African-American woman, Gina McGill from Madison, Alabama, gave a moving talk where she called the 1% who control the nation and the world sadistic and evil.  "It's time for us to deal with the whole octupus instead of just it tentacles," she said.  McGill called for a real democracy that truly included and belonged to the 99%.  I couldn't help but see the irony as she spoke just blocks away from Constitution Hall where the rich white oligarcy once framed a new nation that excluded blacks, women, and the landless peasants who really built this nation.

One activist who spoke said, "Occupy is becoming a giant think tank" for the people where education and movement happens out in the open.

An artist sat in a cardboard box all day long painting Occupy art and his box was labeled "Get outside of your box."

I was impressed with a retired communication union member from New York who was part of Occupy there.  He held a large union flag and talked to anyone who would listen about the corporate consolidation of the tele-communications industry.

At 5:00 pm about 300 people began a two-hour march through the rush hour streets of center city.  Traffic was stopped and large throngs of people watched us march by as they waited for their city buses which were also blocked by the march.  Many of them took photos on their cells phones - a good number waved or smiled but many were not happy that we had delayed their trip home after a long day of work.

Mid-way through the march about 50 Communication Workers of America (CWA) joined us and we marched to the office buildings of Comcast and then Verizon.

The march was led mostly by a young and ethnically diverse crowd.  I was impressed by their skill in leading the group through the city and they showed great strength and determination.  They appear to be in this for the long haul.

Our Veterans Peace Team had a good contingent in the march and it felt good to be with them.

I must acknowledge that the police really played it right today, concentrating on traffic control and not giving us a hard time at all.  They were mostly dressed in shorts and on bicycles and kept a low profile.  Very unusual these days.  


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