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Thursday, June 02, 2011


Raytheon, Missile Offense, and Endless War
June 17-19
North Andover, Massachusetts

Working together to demilitarize and create a sustainable future

2011 marks the 19th anniversary of Global Network’s organizing efforts to build an international constituency to Keep Space for Peace. Each year we gather to share the latest international developments on Pentagon and aerospace industry plans for the militarization of space. We approach this conference with clarity that U.S. “missile defense” programs are actually key elements in overall Pentagon first-strike planning. The Raytheon Company, which had 2009 sales of $25 billion, is a leading builder and promoter of the missile “offense” program. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Raytheon has a manufacturing plant in Andover that builds the Patriot (PAC-3) system that is now being used by the Pentagon to help encircle Russia and China.

Speakers/Singers: Dave Webb (UK), Agneta Norberg (Sweden), Regina Hagen (Germany), J. Narayana Rao (India), Tamara Lorincz (Canada), Atsushi Fujioka (Japan), Manashi Mohanty (India), Tetsu Kitagawa (Japan), Joseph Gerson (Massachusetts), Alice Slater (New York), Carol Urner (Oregon), Loring Wirbel (Colorado), Bill Sulzman (Colorado), Matthew Hoey (Massachusetts), David Meieran (Pennsylvania), John Schuchardt (Massachusetts), Lisa Savage (Maine), Paki Wieland (Massachusetts), Joyce Katzberg (Rhode Island), Marty Nathan (Massachusetts), Nicole Moreau (Maine), Vanessa Lynch (Massachusetts), Mary Beth Sullivan (Maine) and Bruce Gagnon (Maine).

Plenary Panels & Workshops: Local Space Organizing Reports from key Global Network activists from around the world; Raytheon & the Military Industrial Complex: Consequences of Missile Offense Deployments in Europe and Asia; Cyber Warfare, Drones, and other new space directed technologies; Missile Defense in Europe: U.S., NATO and a New Cold War; Missile Defense Deployments in Asia: Provocative Strategy & a New Arms Race; Bring Our War $$ Home Campaign; Students Speak Out: Space Weapons Technology Impacts on Social Progress

Vigil: On Friday, June 17 from 3:00 - 5:00 pm a vigil will be held at the gates of the Raytheon production plant as the workers leave for home. Local activists have been holding vigils at the facility for years. (NW corner of Rt 133 and I-93 intersection)

Conference: Saturday, June 18 day-long conference with panel discussions and workshops held at Merrimack College. Key Global Network activists from around the world speaking about current U.S. and allies space weapons technology developments and strategies.

Concert: Tetsu Kitagawa, one of Japan's leading peace and justice singer/songwriters has been described as Japan's Bob Dylan -- early Dylan, the one engaged with people's movements. On tour in the U.S. as part of his 100 consecutive concerts for peace, nuclear abolition, and defense of Japan’s peace constitution, Kitagawa will be joined by Pat Scanlon and other musical friends for a concert on June 18 at 8:15 pm (North Parish Old Center Hall, North Andover). Open to the community, as well as to conference participants, tickets will be available at the conference and at the door for $10.

Cost: Registration for the conference is on a sliding scale. Please pay what you can best afford between $15 - $100. Registration fee includes three meals on June 17-18. (Suggested fee is $50 which covers our basic costs.)

Event Co-Sponsors: AFSC Disarmament Program; Alliance for Peace & Justice, Western Mass.; CodePink Maine; Essex Unitarian Universalist Church; House of Peace; Maine Campaign to Bring Our War $$ Home; Maine Veterans for Peace; Merrimack Valley People for Peace; New England Peace Pagoda; New Hampshire Peace Action; North Shore Coalition for Peace and Justice; Office of Mission and Ministry, Merrimack College; Peace Action Maine; Salem Peace Committee; United for Justice with Peace (Greater Boston); Veterans for Peace Chapter 9 Smedley Butler Brigade; Veterans for Peace Chapter 45 Samantha Smith; War Resisters League New England; WILPF

Registration Form:

Get the full conference program, schedule and registration brochure at:





Postal Code__________

Country_______________Phone ( )_____________


□ Enclosed is my conference registration in the amount of $_______ . I/We will eat these meals: June 17 supper___

June 18 Lunch ___ June 18 supper ___ (Checks payable to Global Network)

□ Enclosed is $10 each for June 18 evening concert _______

□ Please sign me up for home hospitality on ________ for ______number of people

□ Please send me local hotel information

□ I live in the Andover area and can offer hospitality to ______guests. Contact me

□ Sorry I can’t come, but here is a donation to help cover conference expenses

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