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Sunday, May 29, 2011



I lived in downtown Orlando, Florida for 20 years....have never seen a more backward political community anywhere else I ever lived. Sad to see that folks still have to fight tooth and nail for every good thing but love their courage and determination.

See newspaper story here


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Yeah. The political climate here is getting uglier too. The Real Estate Brokers who banned homelessness and have made threats throughout the year that they want to ban the APPEARANCE of poverty in public places, meaning if you Look Homeless to the Clothing Gestapo, you'll be forbidden from public parks, libraries and so forth... got almost the entire slate on City Council and the Mayor.
For those readers unfamiliar with me, I live in Colorado Springs.

Anyway, the main reason they banned "camping" was quite blatantly they blame the downturn in their Real Estate mongering of land taken from other people by force, not on their own participation in the Mortgage Scam that broke the global economy beyond repair, but on the appearance of poverty scaring away businesses which would otherwise be lining up with checkbooks in hand ready to move here.

In short they lie through their teeth but that's just what they're really good at doing anyway.

Meanwhile half of downtown is for rent or for sale, there are multi-billion dollar "Defense" plants lined up just outside city limits, using city funded everything from roads to water to law enforcement, right next to some really slum housing, and paying no city taxes or fees for the resources they use.

The Real Estate "leaders" insist that they brought jobs to town... Jobs which already had employees attached to them, employees who were moved around like so much furniture, moved to town and, again, take up resources but don't pay for them.

Sounds more like a HomeFULL problem than a HomeLESS problem.

5/31/11, 9:38 AM  

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