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Saturday, June 04, 2011


The news these days from Jeju Island is that Yang Yoon-Mo did not end his hunger strike until yesterday. He was visited by Catholic Bishop Kang at the hospital where he has been since being released from jail.

Bishop Kang told Professor Yang, "You were in a life-risking hunger strike and I was so sorry that I couldn't join you. During my last visit in jail, your pure soul came into my sight and I have had great respect for you. Through the 59 day-long hunger strike, God seemed to be always with you. ...... I hope you stop the hunger strike and try to recover your health so that you can go back in solidarity with the people...... Your sacrifice has given many people a momentum to think about the naval base nationwide."

Professor Yang responded, "I'll do so as you wish. . .... After recovery, I'll come back to Gangjeong village for struggle."

Kang is Bishop of the Jeju diocese and also chairperson of the Korean Catholic Bishops' Conference. Catholics make up about 40% of the South Korean population. Bishop Kang and the Catholic Conference have been supporting the Gangjeong village for some time. They have held several masses along the rocks of the village shoreline.


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