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Friday, May 15, 2009


Some of the disputed torture photos, that Obama was going to release but changed his mind, have been made public by media in Australia. See them here.

The American Civil Liberties Union has gone to court to try to force Obama to release them.

In a new article investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill writes, "As the Obama administration continues to fight the release of some 2,000 photos that graphically document U.S. military abuse of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan, an ongoing Spanish investigation is adding harrowing details to the ever-emerging portrait of the torture inside and outside Guantánamo.... the investigation could for the first time place an intense focus on a notorious, but seldom discussed, thug squad deployed by the U.S. military to retaliate with excessive violence to the slightest resistance by prisoners at Guantánamo.

"The force is officially known as the the Immediate Reaction Force or Emergency Reaction Force, but inside the walls of Guantánamo, it is known to the prisoners as the Extreme Repression Force. Despite President Barack Obama's publicized pledge to close the prison camp and end torture - and analysis from human rights lawyers who call these forces' actions illegal - IRFs remain very much active at Guantánamo."

Obama has also announced that he will revive military tribunals which he once criticized while Bush was in office. "Military commissions have a long tradition in the United States," said Obama in a statement.

Yes, and so does US imperialism, torture, assassinations, and government lying and deception.

It becomes harder every day to distinguish the Obama pirate foreign policy from his predecessor.


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