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Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Maine Senate race: 'best politics $$$ can buy'


Politics can be at times dirty & nasty and likely a reason why many people don't want to get involved or even vote.  They are disillusioned and often depressed over the choices the ruling elites allow to pass before our ballots at election time.

I once heard a leading representative of the oligarchs say that their long-term goal was to keep voters away from the polls by making the process so ugly that people will not participate, thus making it easier for Mr. Big to control the government.  It's like professional wrestling - a show to divide and distract.

From this clear understanding I make note of the following:

The poster above was photographed in the window of the health food store in Brunswick in the last couple of days.  Lisa Savage had been shopping and was approached by a recruiter as she was leaving the store.  She was offered a job at $24.50 an hour to knock on doors to give 'information on voting' and to promote Sara Gideon's campaign.  She told the recruiter that she was Lisa Savage and is running for the US Senate and would not need the job.  "Oh, I like your program," he replied.

I called the number on the flyer and a woman's voice answered the phone and asked who I wanted to speak to.  I replied that I was inquiring about the canvassing job.  The phone switched to a man who I then spoke to for quite some time.

I asked who CADC, LLC was and he replied it stood for 'California to DC' and they are the ones paying the 'Canvassers'.  Where do they get their money I asked?  He responded that they get their money from a PAC called 'Family Friendly Maine'.  

One has to wonder if this is laundered corporate money.

I asked what the canvassers do for $24.50 an hour.  He told me they go house-to-house of registered Democrats to 'gather information' about how they intend to vote.  If they voted already for Gideon, you mark that down and move on.  If they have not voted yet the canvasser is to 'give them information about voting and to hand out info about Gideon'.  

I asked if the canvassers told the voters about Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).  He said no, but if the voter asked they could explain it to them.

I told the man that I had heard about CADC, LLC from Lisa Savage.  The man said, "I like Lisa."

I thanked him for the information and said good-bye.  He quickly added before I hung up, "Let me know if you want a job." He had previously mentioned that the only requirement for the job was that you had to have your own car.  (I guess that even with her $64 million in campaign donations Sara Gideon is not providing transportation for her crew to drive around the state.)

These canvassers are the paid (mostly young) supporters of Gideon that have been holding huge signs in droves before the past debates.  

We've learned that the last debate, to be held someday (still secret) next week on WMTW-TV in Portland, will not be inviting Lisa Savage or Max Linn - both Independents.  The debate will be restricted to Susan Collins and Sara Gideon.   The lawyer for the TV station has issued a statement that his client had determined that Savage and Linn were not 'news worthy'.

So the corporate masters have decided for the voters of Maine who is indeed worthy and who is not.

If you still suffer from the belief in democracy, the belief in an informed citizenry, the belief in public debates with all qualified candidates, then you might wish to call WMTW at 207-835-3888 or email at


Addendum: Just got this message from a reliable source.  The story speaks for itself and shows how corrupt the Democratic Party truly is:

A canvasser from the Maine Democratic Party recently told a well known former [Democrat primary Senate] candidate that Lisa was not in the same race as Gideon and Collins. And then argued with them when they tried to set the canvasser straight!

Clothespin on nose not needed in Maine



David Swanson of World Beyond War encourages voters to rank Lisa Savage first in Maine's ranked-choice voting US Senate race.

Friday, October 23, 2020

You must watch this film


Mary Beth and I just watched this great film on Netflix about the 1968 protests at the Democratic Party convention in Chicago and the resulting Chicago 7 trial.  I strongly suggest you watch it if at all possible.

To put it simply - it is a great film!


Thursday, October 22, 2020

What should our police be doing?

Defund Police is a collaboration with Project Nia & Blue Seat Studios.

We spend $100 billion a year on the police in the US.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A Maine campaign story....


Early yesterday morning a workman came to our house in Bath.  I had found him online when I was looking for someone to replace an outer door on the back side of our house that we bought last July.  We are still fixing up some things, little-by-little, in this 100 year old place.

As soon as the workman came in he said, "Oh, I'm glad to see you have a Lisa Savage sign in your yard.  I am supporting her too."

I was stunned and at that very moment Lisa passed through our living room to run upstairs because she was still in her pajamas.  I turned to the man and said, "Well, that is Lisa right there."

He of course was shocked and said, "I'm going to vote for her - I love her."

While he was measuring our old worn out door I went up and told Lisa the full story and she came back down, still in her PJ's, to meet the worker.  They had a long conversation and we all had a good laugh.

Lisa told him that she is an Internet refugee because she lives in Maine's rural 2nd district where the broadband connection is very poor.  (It's a major issue in our state.) She moved in with Mary Beth and me in August and has been Zooming from here day and night ever since. Her husband Mark, also a woodworker by trade, comes to visit on the weekends.

This story is being repeated daily across the state as we hear from more and more people who we've never met but have heard about, or seen Lisa in the debates, and are quite impressed with her.  

Win or lose there can be no doubt that she has connected with many folks across Maine - largely because she is a real person and talks sense about the issues that voters care about.


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Russian journalist interview


Regis Tremblay writes about this interview:

A critical discussion with Dimitry Babich, journalist, political analyst for TV, newspapers, and magazines in Russia for 30 years. In 30 minutes, Dmitry made clear America's role in the coup in Kiev in 2014, Joe Biden's involvement in managing Ukraine during those years, Hunter Biden's role with Burisma, and Joe Biden's quid pro quo with, at the time President Poroschenko, threatening to withhold a $1 Billion loan if Poroschenko didn't fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma.

Americans must know the truth about Joe Biden who is just a couple of weeks away from possibly becoming president of the US. What you hear on this show is what US mainstream media has been covering up and struggling with suppressing as these ugly facts are being brought to light with two weeks left until the election.

Dmitry concluded his remarks on the election, the role of "the globalists" world-wide and now in America, and that America is already in a civil war that is ripe for violence.

We will continue this discussion with Dmitry 2-3 days after the US election.

Monday, October 19, 2020

No nukes on the moon

Fly me to the moon, but don’t put reactors there

By Linda Pentz Gunter

Not content to desecrate our terrestrial landscape with hundreds of thousands of tons of nuclear waste — much piled up with nowhere to go, the rest released to contaminate our air, water and soil — humankind, in all its folly, now plans to do the same to the Moon. And, eventually to Mars.

While our species’ insatiable scientific curiosity has undoubtedly led to some beneficial inventions, it has also drawn us inexorably towards our own downfall. Our zeal to create the atomic bomb ignored logic, ethics, consequences and the fundamentals of human rights.

The bomb brought us so-called civil nuclear power reactors, the ugly and irresponsible spawn of a weapon that leaves us perched perpetually on the precipice of extinction. But there is nothing “civil” about nuclear power.

At the dawn of the nuclear energy age, not a thought was given to the legacy of deadly radioactive waste it would produce. That can was kicked summarily down the road. Now we are far down that road and no solution has been arrived at, while we ignore the one obvious one: stop making more of it!

So now comes the news that the US wants to put nuclear power reactors on the Moon.

In the news stories that followed the announcement, replete with the usual excitement about space exploration (never mind the cost and bellicose implications) there was not one single mention of the radioactive waste these reactors would produce.

The problem, like the waste itself, will simply be kicked into some invisible crater on the dark side of the Moon.

NASA, the US Department of Energy and assorted nuclear labs are pushing the small modular reactor for nuclear projects on the Moon and Mars. Desperate to stay relevant and to continue gobbling up taxpayer dollars, this is music to the failing nuclear industry’s ears. Financially disastrous and technically unresolved on Earth, the SMR, say these “experts”, is ideally suited to the needs of humans living for extensive periods in space.

Since each of these mini-reactors will likely have an uninterrupted output of only 10 kilowatts, it will take multiple reactors on the Moon or Mars to fulfill the necessary functions for their human inhabitants.


Needless to say, so far there is no certified design, no test reactor, no actual reactor, and no fool-proof way to send such a reactor to the Moon. (Rockets have an unfortunate habit of sometimes blowing up on — or shortly after — launch.) Nevertheless, the year 2026 is the ambitious target date for all systems go. In keeping with the theme, “pie in the sky” springs to mind.

While no reactor design has been identified, it will most likely need to use highly enriched uranium (HEU) which puts the reactor firmly in violation of non-proliferation standards. As Dr. Edwin Lyman of the Union of Concerned Scientists told PBS Newshour, “This may drive or start an international space race to build and deploy new types of reactors requiring highly enriched uranium.”

Given the utility of HEU for nuclear weapons use, and the probes currently being sent to the Moon and Mars by “unfriendly” countries such as China and the United Arab Emirates, it does not take much of an imagination to envisage the temptation for theft by force. Will the US deploy guards around its lunar reactors.? Will we see terrorism on the Moon, even war?

What is this really all about? Profit? Prestige? Proliferation? The Idaho National Laboratory, which is eager to develop the lunar SMR prototype, sees this as an opportunity to emphasize “the United States’ global leadership in nuclear innovation,” the lab’s John Wagner told Newshour.

This echoes the mantra parroted by almost every federal institution and corporation seeking to justify some new and exorbitant nuclear expense: we cannot let China and Russia take over; the US must retain — or regain — pre-eminence in the nuclear sector and in space. And so on. 

~  Linda Pentz Gunter is the curator and editor of Beyond Nuclear International and the international specialist at Beyond Nuclear.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday song