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Thursday, November 07, 2019

Talk at Livadia Palace in Yalta

My talk yesterday during the conference at historic Livadia Palace in Yalta, Crimea.  People from about 30 countries are represented at the event.  The conference continues today as we move to a university in Simferopol.

Note that the man introducing me is holding up our Space Alert newsletter.  They were very pleased to see our extensive coverage of our visit to Crimea in the last edition following our spring Russia Study Tour.  You can see it online here.

I took pages and pages of notes during the conference yesterday and will write them up ASAP.  I made some new friends and will be eager to follow-up on them.

Fazebook yesterday told me I had violated community standards for two of my posts and won't allow me to make posts there until November 14.  The two posts were about recent elections in Germany and a photo of US and Russian military vehicles passing one another in northern Syria.  So if you wouldn't mind sharing this video it would be a help since I can't do it.

Thanks to Regis Tremblay for making the video.

More soon.



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