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Thursday, October 10, 2019

A new expensive arms race in space?

Video by the Union of Concerned Scientists

Politicians have called for "space-based missile defense" for years. Unfortunately, it's not a very good idea.

This video shows how a system using space interceptors would work. It demonstrates why such a system is necessarily expensive and vulnerable--and why, as a defensive shield, it's not particularly useful (and even dangerous).

And ultimately these systems are highly provocative and will unleash a new arms race in space - something the aerospace industry desperately wants.

The warmongers intend to pay for this new arms race by defunding Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and what little is left of the tattered 'social safety net'.

These 'pharaohs' of our time want to build pyramids to the heavens and we the people will be the slaves to hand over everything to them so they can militarize, weaponize, and privatize space to their benefit.

I'm at the New York airport now waiting for my flight to India where I'll attend a conference on this very subject.  In order to pull this all off the US corporate oligarchs must shred the United Nations Moon and Outer Space Treaties that say no country, no corporation nor any individual can make land claims in space.  The planetary bodies are the 'province of all human kind'.



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