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Friday, May 24, 2019

Trying to catch up

  • I wrongly thought that after I got home from Russia things would slow down for me.  NOT!  I'm feeling like a one-armed wallpaper hanger.  So many potential war hot spots that the U.S. is pursuing.  So much work to do.
  • There is the next issue of the GN's Space Alert newspaper deadline of June 10.  Also the Keep Space for Peace Week (October 5-12) poster with a No to NATO theme that awaits me.
  • I was doing some research this morning on behalf of friends in India who are organizing a Space Law conference at a university in Visakhapatnam during space week.  I'll be attending and offered to help find some space law experts who could possibly be invited to speak.  The corporate forces are lining up trying to dismantle United Nations space law to allow for privatization and corporate domination of space resource extraction.
  • Also this morning I sent out an email invitation to Mainers to attend a June 14 Russia Study Tour report by Rev. Bill Bliss, Mary Beth Sullivan and me.  The event will be held at the Brunswick public library at 7:00 pm.  
  • I've been invited to speak at the University of Florida on June 6 at an interesting conference called Disrupting the status quo: Reconstruction, recovery and resisting disaster risk creation.  Apparently there is an international network that is working on this at the academic level and they wanted some activist feedback so they invited me.  I will talk about conversion of the war machine to help deal with climate catastrophe and also the concept of turning the Pentagon into the 'Natural Guard' for work on rescue, recovery, etc.  Should be an interesting experience.
  • One other big event coming soon - another 'christening' of an Aegis destroyer at BIW on June 22.  I am part of a great team of Mainers working on that protest action as well as a news conference in Portland the day before.
  • So lots to do.  I'm not complaining - I'm lucky to be able to spend my life doing this important work.  Sometimes though, since we are underfunded and short handed (unlike the military industrial complex), it can feel like a tsunami is hitting.  I guess in a way it already has. We do the best we can and push on....thanks for checking in now and then. Best of luck your way.


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