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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Remembering Jackson State.....

As the US lectures Iran and other nations about the 'sanctity of democracy' and the rights of peaceful protests let's remember Jackson State.

My sense of what is going on in Iran is that this is another CIA 'color revolution' on the same order as others we've seen in recent years - in particular the 2014 coup d'etat in Kiev, Ukraine.  The US and Israel are out for regime change in Iran - just like in Syria, Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela and more.

I saw a friend post today about the Iran protest story and he commented, "Don't forget Standing Rock, the Democrat convention in Chicago, the American war in Vietnam, Kent State, to name just a few more."  He was responding to a news story headline that read: As US seeks emergency UN meeting on Iran, Russia reminds it of Ferguson & Occupy crackdowns. 

After reading the Facebook post my thoughts went right to Jackson State in Mississippi.

On May 15, 1970, dozens of Jackson, MS city and state policemen unloaded more than 460 rounds of gunfire into Jackson State University's Alexander Hall after claiming to have seen a sniper in a window on the building's top floor. The shooting was the culmination of years of racial tension in the city. Two innocent black men were killed.

The desperation in Washington is increasingly revealing the oligarchies erratic behavior.  The empire knows its global control is fading fast.  Trump was not supposed to be elected president.  He was the foil put up to ensure the very hated Hillary Clinton would win.  But Trump caught on by mining a deep resentment across the working class who are being dumped by the corporate oligarchy.

Hillary was to be the 'liberal woman' to lead the US back to domination over Russia and China by playing hardball and keeping her domestic base appeased with slight gestures that had no impact on foreign and fiscal policies that are controlled by the corporations.

But the whole thing went haywire and today we deal with the imbecile that was put in place to act the political clown.  He's still doing the job.

In one way Trump helps show the world the real face of America - greed, self-righteousness, bitter mean spirit, and disconnected from nature.  This is the legacy of our history - come back to haunt us at our greatest time of need.

Here in Maine we are right now being hammered with a snow blizzard - following nearly two weeks of sub-zero weather - setting new records.  Part of our house has frozen pipes.  Everyone is talking about the reality of climate change but Trump is tweeting about the size of his red button.

There is no answer - just the sadness of our moment as we descend into a downward spiral.  My hope comes from all who continue to stand up - speak out - stand for principle and work in a cooperative way.  This is the model for a future that we might not live to see.



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