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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Attacks Continue in Donbass

The shelling daily continues in the Donbass (eastern Ukraine) near the Russian border.  Families have been destroyed and driven from their homes by Ukrainian forces trained, equipped and directed by the US-NATO.

These people feel betrayed and forgotten by a world that has largely fallen for the endless demonization of Russia by Washington's warmongers.  Russia has not invaded Ukraine.  It is the US-NATO proxy Army from Kiev that keeps attacking the Donbass region where thousands have been killed - and the killing still goes on.

It is a war crime to attack civilian populations and the US-NATO are responsible for these war crimes being committed against the innocent people of the Donbass.

It breaks my heart - in part because I understand what is coming next.  What is going on now is just the warm up to greater war that Washington-London-Paris-Brussels are trying to set up.  They intend to attempt to break Russia up into pieces (similar to what was done to Yugoslavia and is now being done in Iraq and Syria) - to balkanize Russia and return a servile Yeltsin-type person to power in Moscow who would serve as an agent of the west. 

Of course this arrogant and evil strategy will fail but very well could lead to WW III. 



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