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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Knocking Down the Indians


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

And they're ever so proud of attacking, militarily, a peaceful gathering. Let's have a massive email campaign, everybody in the Dakotas with a .mil email address, tell them how very "brave" and congratulate them for winning a battle against non-combatants. I bet, from experience with cops, they're beating the prisoners of non-war while they're handcuffed and helpless.

2/24/17, 10:28 AM  
Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

The fascist rat bastards are pushing a propaganda campaign about all the "trash" they're taking out. Like the tents and other personal items the Army and Cops forced (almost typed "farced" which would be also true) to leave behind, and the Fascists wouldn't allow the people to take the trash out, for months...

But the Right Wing are chanting that quote: "these so called environmentalists" end quote were just, well, you've probably heard.

The worst part of it is the Right Wing actually believe their own lies. It makes me think the Leaders actually do give their minions mind altering substances.

2/26/17, 11:52 AM  

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