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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Another Great Space Warfare Film

Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space was created and directed by French-Canadian filmmaker Denis Delestrac and released in 2010.  The award-winning film played on public TV stations throughout Europe and Canada and was seen in movie theaters across Latin America.

This professionally produced film was in part inspired by the Global Network's own video Arsenal of Hypocrisy.  Pax Americana though gets into places that we could never had dreamed to have gone and introduces many new elements to the space weaponization issue.

We were grateful that Denis Delestrac included three leaders from the Global Network in his excellent film.  We know you will learn much from this documentary.


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Ven herr Goering says we own the world, and space
ve go Heil (rude noise with mouth) Heil.. right in herr Goering's face..

anyway... When the preacher at Air Academy gives God's own stamp of approval of Pax Americana and starts it off praising Pax Romana, he doesn't point out that Pax Romana killed Jesus and quite a lot of the people in Palestine/Judea. Gee, I wonder why he would omit important stuff like that? Oh, there were other words about empire spoken there. In 03 the Academies and soldiers and Boy Scouts and other military and paramilitary organizations got to here this same crap from Bush. "We will win because we have the Mightiest Army ever seen".

Ahem. Those are what you could call Famous Last Words. Definitely the death knell of the Empire. And, the constant rejection of God, in favor of the Empire being our new deity, which all must worship... well, it's been constant.

9/28/16, 6:24 PM  

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