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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Letter of Solidarity to People of Montenegro

NATO is pushing its aggressive weight all around Eastern Europe.  The Global Network has received a letter from the Union for Military Neutrality of Montenegro asking that we offer words of solidarity in their effort to force their government to hold a public referendum on the issue of membership in NATO.  Below is our response to their request. 

Dear friends at Union for Military Neutrality of Montenegro,

It is with great pride that we send you greetings and solidarity in your wise effort to seek a national referendum on the question of NATO membership.

We have long maintained that NATO has become the military arm of corporate globalization - a run-a-way program of excessive greed and corruption aimed at stealing the declining natural resources of the planet for corporate control.

As member countries join NATO they are required to make all of their military hardware "inter-operable" with existing NATO military technology. This usually means that a new member country must cut social spending and instead use your national resources to purchase new military technology from mega-weapons corporations which are usually based in the US. All of this new high-tech military hardware is then run through the US Space Commands military satellite systems which means that the Pentagon is really in control of all NATO member military operations.

Thus the US has figured out a way to create a massive global military machine and to have smaller nations like Montenegro help pay for it. This massive military machine is now being aimed at China and Russia who remain the two primary nations in the world not yet fully under corporate control and domination. NATO members will have very little input into what wars NATO involves itself in.

The US has been hollowed out and turned into a nation of endless war. Our economy in the US is addicted to war. Our nation is falling apart due to defunding of our human and physical infrastructure. The Pentagon has long been saying that America's role under corporate globalization will be "security export".

We strongly urge the good citizens of Montenegro to pause before jumping into the arms of NATO which has nothing to do with freedom or democracy. It is a military alliance of greed, corruption, and endless violence.

We urge the people of Montenegro to support a national debate and referendum on NATO and to ultimately reject joining that ever expanding war machine which only represents those who want to pillage and plunder the people of this beautiful planet.

Our best wishes to all of you.

In peace and solidarity,

Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space 


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