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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Understand the Power Struggle in the UK

Watch Emily Thornberry Labour's new Shadow Foreign Secretary give an amazing speech calling for unity in Labour and bringing the fight to the conservatives.

At a time of national crisis Emily Thornberry has stood up for democracy. In serving under Jeremy Corbyn in this new shadow cabinet Emily has sent a strong message of solidarity to the membership. 

Corbyn won the leadership post with the UK Labour party in a grassroots landslide.  The corrupt corporate Tony Blair forces still inside Labour see the Brexit as the perfect excuse to try to turn Corbyn out and return Labour to the corporate agenda.  (Just like is happening with the Hillary led 'Democrats' in the US.)

In recent days 60,000 new members have signed up in the Labour party as the grassroots all over the UK are defending Corbyn from the attacks by the Blair lackeys. 

The unions in the UK essentially fund the Labour Party and they support Corbyn.  They are not giving in to the calls for him to resign.

The mainstream media in the UK are running the anti-Corbyn campaign just like the corporate media in the US are trying to install Hillary into the White House.

The time is now to make a stand for truth, justice, solidarity and real integrity. Fight like hell for what is right.  Turn the greedy corporate pirates out on their asses.


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